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Mos Def had a great comment on Real Time With Bill Maher the other night about how, at this point, Bin Laden might as well be a mythical wizard, or Rasputin. I paraphrase, of course, but his point was, Florida just laid off over a hundred teachers. Who cares where Bin Laden is?

Quote at 1:10:

I also found another one of my favorites, where Bill makes a truly salient point, which Andrew Sullivan underlines and brings home.

‘Give me liberty or give me death’ indeed.


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I thought Roasts were dead, especially after Norm McDonald’s genius “anti-set” during the Bob Saget roast. McDonald came onstage, and made the filth look completely irrelevent, by being funnier than ever comedian onstage by refusing to play by the dirty one-upsmanship game.

You could see everyone onstage going, “What is he doing?” until they got it, and then every comic onstage realizes they’ve been owned by a guy who doesn’t really care whether the audience gets it or not. True bravery.

So I’m not really taking a shot at Larry the Cable Guy or whomever they decide to do next. After Norm, the whole format is tired, which to me is the antithesis of comedy.

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I understand the precious argument out there about “leaving some books alone.” I used to feel that a book is tainted by a bad theatrical production. (I don’t exactly sit with Moore in thinking they are totally irrelevant, either.)

The thing is, lately, the movies have been doing a pretty good job. The Harry Potter movies are great. I think the choice of a “visionless hack” like Chris Columbus was in retrospect a really smart choice for the first one, because his slavish  accuracy created a setting for the other more creative (Cuaron) directors to play with. The Narnia books were a little soppy, but certainly no more so than the books themselves. The screen realization of the first movie was a fucking dream. I was literally trembling for more than half of the movie, and the scenes of the kids walking through the forest in their fur coats so perfectly captured the Pauline Baines illos that I very nearly shit myself. I’ll grant you that if you are a fan of His Dark Materials, you got fairly well dicked over by Hollywood.

Okay, so Where the Wild Things Are is going to be a movie. I hear you bitching. Yes, it’s all of our private treasure. But here’s the thing: Sendak chose Jonze. So that just about settles for me. One more time: Sendak. Chose. Jonze. It almost rhymes with stfu.

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1) I am not your Teddy.

Speaking of “makes me laugh every single time” I’m gonna post this little loogy here and you will LIKE IT. The premise of this SNL sketch is more clever than most, and it could almost get by just on the strength of the idea alone if it weren’t also rip-your-hernia-stitches-out funny. But as it is your pretty much forget the premise halfway though: famous lefty musicians support Obama, famous redneck musicians support McCain. We all know how celebrities line up and make (usually) embarassing appeals for a vote. But What If! a famous rock duo were had divided loyalties?

What’s brilliant about this sketch, aside from it’s gemlike absurdity, is that it speaks to some larger truths: what WAS the oddly subordinate role of John Oates, really? (and the old “married couple” dynamic portrayed the sketch also suggests the answer we suspected all along.

Hall & Oates

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I laugh every single time I hear him yell “That’s right!”

Sifl and Olly would be proud, Rivers.

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Just posted Page 3 pencils here. And, just like that, Carl becomes Teddy KGB to my Mike McDermott. Calm down, Teddy. Have an Oreo.

(By the way, guys, playing cards is not macho. It’s just a damn card game. It’s not like it’s rugby or anything.)

Also, WordPress is doing something wonky with the order of the posts when you scroll down. Some older posts are higher in order than some of the more recent posts. Oh well. Perhaps that’ll get fixed at some point.

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The dogs howl, but the caravan rolls on.

Carl just called from NE to taunt me for not having any panels to ink. Never poke the bear, Carl. The coming artistic onslaught will melt your brain.

Listening to a new Bob Mould song on The Current online (you can find it on iTunes radio Alternative section) called “I’m Sorry Baby.” What a great songwriter.

That is all. Rock!

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