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Charlie Jane Anders has a nice little article over at io9 on Transformers: ROTF as an art film. Along with a nice encapsulation of the Michael Bay character arc:

So LaBoeuf, who’s actually a fine actor, is the stand-in for the male viewers’ greatest fears about themselves. No matter how great a loser they might be, they can’t be as losery a loser as Sam Witwicky. And yet, Sam has awesome giant robots stomping around telling him he’s the most important awesome person ever. And he has the hottest girlfriend in the universe, Megan Fox, for whom banality is a huge aphrodisiac. The more pathetic Sam gets, the more Fox’s lips pout and her nipples point, like little Irish setters.

Haven’t seen it, and most likely won’t. Not sure if they need my $12.50 when it’s already made 60 million. And the weekend hasn’t even started.

“Spittin’ in the wind comes right back at you.” – Lou Reed

UPDATE: Here’s Shia LeBeouf being pretty damn cool to a fan on the Today Show. Between this and my favorite SNL Digital Short, I’m officially a fan. Shut up you cynical toads.

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From John Campbell’s web comic, Pictures for Sad Children.Famous

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From W.B. Yeats’ Cathleen NĂ­ Houlihan:

They shall be remembered forever

They shall be alive forever

They shall be speaking forever

The people shall hear them forever.

Tipped, of course, by Andrew Sullivan and his relentless and unmatched Iran coverage.

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Autotune strikes again:


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Don’t care what the hipsters say; I still like this band.

I’m not that much of a classist that I can’t dig something even if it does come from Columbia.

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I know everybody here is on a 24-hour news cycle. I’m not.

An adult in the White House. Everybody breathe.

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