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Because, really, why wouldn’t Lil’ Jon be coaching tennis players how to return fireballs?

Contra is, if possible, an even better album than their debut. A perfect little pop masterpiece. And I bet they wrote this song ’cause someone in the band said, “Hey, we need to do something to the drum beat of In A Big Country.

When I was 17
I had wrists like steel
And I felt complete

And now my body fades
Behind a brass charade
And I’m obsolete

But if the chance remained
To see those better days
I’d cut the cannons down

My ears are blown to bits
From all the rifle hits
But I still crave that sound

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Eventually, everyone gets a little less intense:


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This slays me.

The way Bruce performs this Suicide cover on the Devils and Dust Tour, it’s an incantation, a humble spell.

The song kind of circles you, and when you think it’s gonna give up, it doesn’t. A really nice moment when he rises, walks to the foot of the stage, and unabashedly, kindly, asks you to rise again, wipe your bloody mouth and tears, and smile. Keep your day-to-day bravery.

Quite frequently, I am in awe of Bruce Springsteen.

At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines

It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap / We gotta get out while were young…

Coincidence? In one song? Not possible, man.

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I realize this came out ages ago, but damn, I love this song. Fell asleep in the movie, but I think this song is just makes yer face go all screwy, in a good way, like you’re about to watch the Corey Brewer dunk over D Fish for the forty-second time on YouTube (if you haven’t seen that, do yourself a favor). The FUZZY guitar tone, that great room sound on the drums, the Linn “Computer Blue” echo-y hi-hat, that piano riff, all righteous. Even if Alicia seems to be flat on that bridge part. Well, maybe it’s not her, but SOMEONE’S flat.

People destroyed it on a lot of the YouTube comments, but they’re wrong. It’s just vicious. And if that’s actually Jack playing drums, man has got some taste, feel, and chops. It’s a perfect nasty little pop song.

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God grinds the axes He intends to use.

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My favorite track from Surprise. I love Vincent Nguini’s playing on this. Easily one of my favorite guitarists ever.


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Ah, the Brits and their advertising. Sometimes they’re just working on another level.

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And the question remains, why do so many of the neo-cons look like doughy bags of suet?

I’m not in politics, I’m in ratings. – Roger Ailes

Truthful? Absolutely. Repugnant and grossly irresponsible? Yeah, yeah it is.

Here’s Jon Stewart killin’ ’em over Obama meeting with the Congressional GOP:

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