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Welcome to Tobb Weder

New blogger here at Kenwoode: big welcome to Tobb Weder!

(Golf claps all around)


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Finally posted the latest couple of Kenwoode pages. You can check ’em out here and here.

“Finished, it’s finished, nearly finished, it must be nearly finished Grain upon grain, one by one, and one day, suddenly, there’s a heap, a little heap, the impossible heap.” – Samuel Beckett, Endgame

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I don’t follow college ball, mostly because I went to art school, and I don’t have an alma mater team, unless there’s a World Champion Thunderdome of Chiaroscuro or Font Kerning of which I am unaware, where you’re allowed to use a color wheel, linseed oil and a mace. (The Color-arnage!) I do, however, follow the NBA like a sterilizing rash I need to keep an eye on, lest it flare up and destroy my swimmers.

My team, the T-Wolves, is, well, agonizingly bad despite a potentially encouraging future (possible Ricky Rubio, 217 draft picks this year, Kevin Love, and an improving Corey Brewer.). And despite the fact that David Stern is, well, a wretched person (2007 Suns-Spurs debacle; the New York Ewing crapfest; the 2006 NBA Finals screw-job against Dallas- and I hate Dallas, but they were HOSED by the officials. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “2006 NBA Finals.” What’s the 2nd and third choices? Smoke there’s fire, son), I keep getting drawn in like a tubby kid passing Cold Stone Creamery.

I also always check out Canis Hoopus (weird, unhealthy Darko-mania indeed), the T-Wolves fan blog that has like, 20 guys on it that are either basketball savants, or they work in mind-numbingly boring jobs in Minneapolis skyways and have nothing better to do than run complicated algorithms on Evan Turner vs. John Wall. Most likely a combination of the two. Not that I’m complaining- I love the site. Makes me feel like I’m still ice-fishing instead of cursing a blue-streak at L.A. drivers. But it can be discouraging: “Yeah, I follow ball a bit.” No, you don’t, dood. Not like these guys do.

The point is this: because of the Hoopus guys salivating over the chance that the Wolves get the number one pick (we won’t- we’re McHaled- the new synonym for “doomed”) and running the numbers on Ohio State’s Evan Tuner, I was introduced to one Mark Titus, Pine-Rider Extraordinaire.

Check the style, one-time:

(Warrant song is great, but it could use a “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away” third chorus key-change to elevate it to Code Awesome.)

Mark’s blog ‘n charity here. Buy a t-shirt. Help some kids, dammit.

KENWOODE UPDATE: Been quite the slug in 2010, I know. Just moved, had some freelance illustration to finish, and I’m finally settling down. I really do have finished pages to post, so I’ll be doing that this weekend. Promise. (Takes shot of tequila)

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Just watched Brett Gaylor’s Rip! A Remix Manifesto on Hulu last night. I’m actually shocked that NBC, Fox and ABC (Disney) would have this online, in this format; despite its lionization of Disney the Man, Disney the Company is really taken to task here. Maybe it’s the “if we join them, they will disappear” belief. Or maybe they (Los Corporations Grandes) figure the animals have already left the zoo, and they can’t stop it, exhibited by their mere acceptance of Hulu as a business model. Don’t know.

What I do know is that the film is pretty damn good. I’ve been loosely paying attention to these issues since the U2 vs. Negativland debacle in the early nineties, which really made U2 look backwards at a time when they were actually creating some pretty forwards-looking music. I think Negativland would have looked a bit more serious if they hadn’t included the cover, which is pretty much a giant “U2” over a much smaller “Negativland.” You can claim “culture jamming” all you want, but when you transparently are looking for huge sales by being cheeky, I understand Island’s concern. Maybe not the legal overreaction, but the concern is valid.

(I also think Greg Ginn’s re-release with Negativ(e)land: Live on Tour album on SST is about as brilliant a response as possible- Negativland may have posed and said, “EXACTLY! That’s what we’re talking about!” but the loss of their “intellectual property” and the realization of Ginn’s masterful chess move must have stung a little.)

Regardless, I think Rip! and Girl Talk (the “band” that Gaylor champions- those quotes are not sarcastic, it’s actually one guy) are completely necessary right now, and Girl Talk to me is more of an idea than an actual band. (Much like The Sex Pistols are a better idea than a band- Never Mind the Bollocks… is a pretty good album, but it’s a better call-to-arms. The Clash were 10 times the band the Pistols were.) I love the idea of “everything is fair game, ’cause we’re all the same person” and I think the spirit of Girl Talk is much more interesting than the actual music- I listen to the songs and think, “That’s interesting,” but there’s an aspect of it (to me) that seems like a novelty. It’s not the music that’s important, it’s the crowd’s reaction to said music- much like the Pistols, it’s the movement that’s the star. And I think Girl Talk completely understands that.


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Just finished up Page 5, inked a panel for Page 6 last night. Feeling good, Louis! KenwoodePanel08_01

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grand ole' party!

grand ole' party!

Here’s another one from McNaughton. The amount of historical ignorance at play here is like hot garbage.

For some odd reason I am personally offended at the inclusion of Lincoln in with this band of valueless twats. Any reference to ‘The Party of Lincoln’ by the contemporary Republican party is tantamount to a lie — as if Lincoln and today’s Republicans are part of any sort of contiguous ideological thread. It completely overlooks the great reversal of the 30’s and the development of the Southern Strategy. It’s like saying, “Dr. Jekyll MUST agree with the practices of rape and manslaughter — he shares a ripped tweed jacket with Hyde, DOES HE NOT???”

The gathering depicted would actually make for an interesting conversation, ala “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Of course, there’s the issue of where in the McNamarian arc of personal growth and regret each of these guys would land.

Depending on when in his life the Eisenhauer depicted hails from, I’m pretty certain Dwight David would be scowling at some things the rest of the gang might be saying. Not that all of them would be in the same part of the same page either — Reagan the charismatic naif, Bush Sr the former head of the CIA (& probably not naive about very much at all),  and Teddy the lusty warmonger. Nixon, legendarily bitter, mendacious, and socially awkward. Could HW Bush resist piping in with a mouth full of pretzels? (I confess to having not even a caricature of Gerald Ford to draw on.)

Nonetheless, I think Bush Sr’s post-presidency activity allows for the inference that *perhaps* he has reconsidered the impact of his life’s work. But without question, Lincoln — with his pained conscience and his talk of ‘the angels of our better natures’ — would have found the company of these men repellent.

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This is a fine piece of modern deist illustration that turned into mock-fodder for the liberal blogosphere.

First is the boingboing post, with some pretty funny, informed, and cutting remarks (image is link):

a trashy portrait of American mysticism

a pretty piece of p0rn

Here’s the work on McNaughton’s site, with his defensive rebuttal to his critics, but more importantly, the unintentional hilarity of his rollover descriptions of each figure in the painting.

And finally, here is the subversive hack of said rollover captions by Short Packed.

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