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My face has been screwy all morning after watching these:


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There’s a 6.3% chance that the T-Wolves get ‘im. I know I’m dreaming, but what the hell. Can you imagine? Griffin, Big Al and K Love down low? Those muggs could do some damage.

I’d also take Ricky Rubio. Or Harden. (Lord knows, we could use a point guard.) Or Thabeet. But knowing the McHale Curse, we’ll drop to the 6th pick. AARGH!!!

(When the Wolves went on a 10-2 run in Jan, I told a guy that they’d win 35 this year. Then Big Al went out. They won 24 without Big Al, and lost a ton by 8 or less points. Had we remained healthy, I stand by my 35 prediction.)

ESPN’s Mock Draft here.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Wolves won the toss between them and Memphis; they now have a 7.6% chance of the first pick. Here’s hoping Stern doesn’t pull a New York Knicks-Patrick Ewing-fix. Yeah, I said it.

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