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I realize that a. the following blog has nothing to do with art or Kenwoode and b. this is usually the type of post associated with Zen Habits and the like, but man, the media is bumming me out today. I would link to the culprits, but I’ll spare you the slaughter.

In dealing with the threat of possible economic collapse (which I choose to believe will not happen, but I have no illusions things aren’t gonna get worse before they get better), I have a couple of suggestions to shield yourself from the daily negative psychic onslaught of the Main Stream Media and such:

1. Watch the Colbert Report. I can’t really describe it adequately, but Colbert just has a… joy about him. I just watch him and think, “He’s a Believer.” His Truth to Power, his underlying kindness and decency, his attitude that speaks to me (and I admit I could very well be projecting here), “No matter how bad it gets, God is with us.” He seems a Roman Catholic in the purest and most admirable form: A Christian who seems to just really get the entire picture of Jesus- a loving, fearless radical.

And I don’t even consider myself a Roman Catholic, or even a Christian. If anything, I’m a woeful failure of a shell of a man attempting at times to impersonate a Christian (when it’s convenient). But the admiration stands.

2. Remember, very soon we will again have an adult in the White House. A brilliant, moral (I hope), potentially transformative figure who won’t have clandestine meetings with energy companies which cause our prices to psychotically rise during his tenure only. (And don’t bring that “supply and demand” bullshit towards my hoop, ’cause I’ll Mutumbo that weak sauce right out the arena. It explains a small percentage. But Occam’s Razor causes me to ask “cui bono?” And the answer ain’t pretty.)

3. Watch less TV. Go online less, and when you do, make it productive. It’s amazing how much this helps me stay positive.

4. Appreciate what you have. Save that food instead of throwing it away. Don’t waste money on bullshit. Call your friends instead of Eviting or texting them. Write a letter to your parents. Today.

5. Ask “How Can I Help?” If the Chicken Littles are even a quarter correct, we’re in for a rough road. Look out for each other. Check in on people. Cook meals for your loved ones. Think of ways you can give. Let’s go back to being citizens, and stop being the fatted calf consumers that these bastards have tried to make Americans into. Dignity, giving, empathy.

Lastly, remember that Americans are the people who traveled seas for months to flee famine. They brought down the British Lion. They marched in the streets for liberty and freedom. They risked deserts and barbed-wire to work as gardeners. A great number of the people who are lucky enough to live here were the bravest and most industrious people of their respective cultures. This is not to disparage any other country. It is simple to remind us that we’ve survived worse. We’ll get through this.

My apologies for the sermon. More for myself than anyone else.

Gotta stay positive!

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