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Just like it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s always Paul Westerberg Thursdays somewhere. In our hearts.

And in our livers.

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Hey, I didn’t say that mess- Shrek did:

I love how Letterman just does not give a shit anymore; he’s never been funnier than the last few years.

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There’s been a couple of songs in my life that made me have pull my car over to the side of the road. This is the first in a while.

Circa ’84 “No Surrender” Springsteen crossed with a little post-punk crossed with a little Cure. Add a dash of Cheap Trick. (That’s what it reminds me of, anyway. I’m sure the Gaslight Anthem guys would go, “Shut up. We’re us.”) I’m sold.

The same song rocking Letterman’s face:

“What’re you, the drummer? Good.”

Damn, but I’m a sucker for a hard-charging post-punk anthem. Too much Replacements, I guess.

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Carl just finished a catalogue for work, I’ve been underwater working on a new project of ours, and I still await his inks for Page 2.

No worries, though, as I’m about to the post the Lamest of All Blog Entries: A list of some of My Favorite Guitar Playing.

Unlike most of the annoying “definitive” lists on the Web, this one has no illusions of completist ambitions. I didn’t consult with 20 record store hipsters. I don’t work for a music magazine. I don’t even keep up with the latest albums like I used to. And it’s only five songs.

I used to work for a record store. When “High Fidelity” was released (both the book and movie, still one of my favorite adaptations), I felt much like most metal bands probably felt when they saw “Spinal Tap”: They nailed it. The snobbery, the reverse classism, the vicious meritocracy of people who generally didn’t even play music, but consumed it like heroin. Much like the Fantasy Football geeks who are psychotic about their “teams,” it’s a culture of those who cannot do, only consume, and rank, and judge. Eunuchs in a whorehouse.

Wallflowers making fun of the way people dance.

With that in mind, a couple of songs with my favorite guitar playing:


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