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I haven’t seen “The Other Guys.” Like Wahlberg. Like Ferrell. But the trailer looked hideous. Now, however, I might have to break down if the whole movie is like this scene, which seems to be an exercise in who refuses to break onscreen while Ferrell continues to improvise circles around everyone. The entire scene you can see both guys barely holding it together. I’m guessing oh, fifteen, twenty takes to get this exchange?

Case in point: the “Plums” scene in Eastbound & Down. Robinson and McBride are helpless while Ferrell just has his way with them (NSFW).

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I am Christmas-morning-excited about the new season of Eastbound & Down:

I realize that it’ll be hard to duplicate the perfection of the first season, but I’ve got a feeling this one’s gonna be even better. I mean, just look at the damn cornrows: it’s amazing.

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Watched the first four episodes this weekend. Man, Danny McBride is a force of nature. Playing a completely unapologetic and clueless bastard, with no moral compass or self-awareness whatsoever. It really is a comedic tour de force.

It’s also completely vulgar. I would never suggest it to my parents.

Direction is great, casting is great, acting is great. Jealous.

I love the ‘start at the end of the last episode’ convention. Really fresh and fun. Watch it if ya can still afford HBO. I know I can’t!

UPDATE: Someone cut together all of the clips of Kenny listening to his own audiobook, “You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking IN.” Righteous:

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