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Nice little article by Abrams in Wired. His point about discovering music is spot on:

But wait, you say, iTunes gives you the chance to browse! To that I nod, concede the point, and say, “Bullshit.” Those little icons you scroll past mean almost nothing to most of us. Why? Because we didn’t get on the train, brave the weather, bump into strangers, and hear music we didn’t choose. In other words, we didn’t earn the right to casually scan those wooden bins. Lately I go to Amoeba Music in Hollywood just to watch people flip through albums. It’s a lost art.

Still not feeling the new Star Trek, though. It just looks so… exxxtreme, brah. Like it was a retrofitted Chronicles of Riddick script. And Kirk just looks so…pretty.

I’m being hideously unfair, but isn’t that what blogs are for? Snarky, uninformed opinions, with no regard for fairness whatsoever?

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