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I know JVCD is. He’s learned to control the sea with kicks, brother.


Tim Ferris has a nice little post over on his 4 Hour Workweek Blog called, “Are You Better Than Yesterday?” Which is the real question, innit? Here’s a quote:

I’ve recently been working on this very problem in earnest. Going to the gym almost daily, eating better–the works. But even when I’m getting with the program in a serious way, it’s hard to see the results. As I was wallowing in my demotivation one recent evening, my friend Erik Kastner posted a message to Twitter with the following text:

Help me get my $%!^ in shape…ask me once a day: “Was today better than yesterday?” (nutrition / exercise) – today: YES!

When I read this I realized that it was the ticket to getting in shape. I recognized it from the big problems I have successfully solved in my life. The secret is to focus on making whatever it is you’re trying to improve and make better today than it was yesterday. That’s it. It’s easy. And, as Erik was, it’s possible to be enthusiastic about taking real, tangible steps toward a distant goal.

As Tony Robbins as the whole thing sounds, that’s the key, I think. And it is easy. In a country where television is just something you do, it’s tough to remember that you can be sitting watching Daisy of Love for a four-hour marathon (like, um, a friend of mine recently did), and realize “Oh. That just ate up a chunk of my life. Flex and Sixpack and London and Daisy just stole a piece of my life.” It’s gone. You’ll never get it back. Like a mediocre vampire.

And maybe you learned something from Daisy and her Patterned Pals, but more likely you f***ing didn’t.


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