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Heard CocoRosie Smokey Taboo for the first time on the radio the other day- incredibly haunting, ethereal, childlike, spellbinding. Like Joanna Newsome sitting in on a ghostly drum circle. The bridge/coda is really nice, with the Madame Butterfly vocals taking you drifting into the night like a drunken firefly.

Yeah, I’m afraid of sharks/but not the dark…

I’ve been meaning to post something on José James for quite some time, ever since hearing Black Magic about a month ago. That lurching shuffle, that little-bit-behind-the-beat (I-mean-just-enough-to-turn-ya-on) singing, there’s a real lush denseness to the cut, a nice subtle groove. Then I heard Love Conversation, and I was all like, O_o.

I love artists who can say this much with this little- restrained instrumentation, little more than voices and that great room sound. José James should have a Batsignal- some sort of giant spotlight you could shine in the air whenever you thought you were about to be getting down. We could use D’Angelo’s old one; he used to be the go-to guy for sweet, sweet love. Come on, D, we need ya back!


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