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Absolutely, unequivocally heartbreaking (and not just ’cause Kirsty is no longer with us):

There’s so many great Christmas songs: Sting’s Gabriel’s Message, Matthew Ryan’s Little Drummer Boy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by anyone, haunting melody after haunting melody. But there’s something about Shane McGowan’s voice that just crushes me. Makes me wish for Paul Westerberg to do a Christmas song. ‘Course, Paul would probably do something like “Santa Baby” just to piss everyone off.

Dammit, Paul, you’re ruining Christmas!

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Stain Yer Blood:

According to the Interwebs, the lyric is supposedly:

It’s okay,
Stained and not for fun
I won’t stain your blood
I won’t stain love

But I think that’s bullshit lazy Interweb cut ‘n pasting. I think the lyrics are:

It’s okay,
Stay the night for fun
I won’t stain your blood
I won’t stay in love

As in, “I won’t stain yer blood with demands for a commitment.” That’s my take. The first version seems a little pretentious for Paul.

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Left of the Dial, 1993, First Avenue, Minneapolis:

The Replacements, Talent Show, “Rock Awards”:

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Just like it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s always Paul Westerberg Thursdays somewhere. In our hearts.

And in our livers.

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