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Because, well, it rocks your damn face off.

Plus, Neil’s lungin’ ’round the stage like a murderous praying mantis. Rawk.

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1) I am not your Teddy.

Speaking of “makes me laugh every single time” I’m gonna post this little loogy here and you will LIKE IT. The premise of this SNL sketch is more clever than most, and it could almost get by just on the strength of the idea alone if it weren’t also rip-your-hernia-stitches-out funny. But as it is your pretty much forget the premise halfway though: famous lefty musicians support Obama, famous redneck musicians support McCain. We all know how celebrities line up and make (usually) embarassing appeals for a vote. But What If! a famous rock duo were had divided loyalties?

What’s brilliant about this sketch, aside from it’s gemlike absurdity, is that it speaks to some larger truths: what WAS the oddly subordinate role of John Oates, really? (and the old “married couple” dynamic portrayed the sketch also suggests the answer we suspected all along.

Hall & Oates

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