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Just had to move. Closer to the ocean. Like Bodhi from Point Break. JUST LIKE Bodhi from Point Break. “If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price.” We know, Bodhi, we know.

Point being, we’ll have some more panels up this week. I’m still exited to be working with Carl, and I’ll be sending him some more panels this week.


On another note, could the RNC be more ridiculous? Jindal is the best you’ve got? Really? JINDAL? And he’s bringing up Katrina? Have you all gone MAD?!

Obama has done to the Repubs what Reagan did to liberalism. Get ready for 12 years of Democratic administrations. Thank God for the wisom of the Founding Fathers and their checks ‘n’ balances foresight.

Thus endeth the politicizing of the blog.

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